2 950,00 €

Patella is a chair that can add elegance to a corner of the house where you sit to enjoy a pleasant chat with a friend or waiting room of a prestigious professional firm.

9 750,00 €

A harmonious combination of two types of wood and glass that gives life to a desk that is unique in shape and detail.

4 575,00 €

Matrioska owes its name to the fact that each container can be perfectly inserted into the immediately larger one.

5 680,00 €

Cabinet made up of six shelves and two doors, one completely in brushed fir with bevelled corners and the other finished with hand-processed glass fusion.

12 450,00 €

T-Relax is formed by a structure in black walnut on which ash elements are installed, each one different from the other, each hand-shaped to the desired form.

6 200,00 €

The Wood Waves cupboard has a basic shape enriched by the peculiarity of the three doors, which are made by combining in solid wood from all over the world, hand-glued with the help of carpenter...

5 000,00 €

The Wood Waves cabinet has a parallelepiped shape, very linear, enriched by the peculiarity of the doors, which are made by combining wood from all over the world, hand-carved with the help of...

1 750,00 €

Wood Waves coffe table is made with handcrafted solid wood from different parts of the world, hand-crafted and hand-carved with the help of carpenter clasps, create a unique and unrepeatable...

3 400,00 €

The term essence derives from the Greek and, according to the Aristotelian conception, means "that for which a certain thing is what it is, and not another thing".

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