History of IWoodS

IWoodS was born in September 2016 by the minds of Paolo and Chiara Mori.

It was created from love for wood and its fragrances, the passion for craftsmanship and its art, but above all from the creativity of Made in Italy.

The company was created by a simple thought: "The beauty of Italian design and wood craftsmanship can find place in the most beautiful houses in the world!" And thus, the Team took action to make this possible.

The IWoodS Team started exploring Italy, its narrow streets, its countryside and its villages looking for master artisans able to create not just objects but real pieces of history, culture, tradition but also of design.

Step by step, it picked up the first pieces and the first stories, with the intention of not stopping and enriching the collection with newer and newer pieces.

Paolo -IWoodS


Paolo has cultivated a love for wood and forests since he was little. He has carried it forward in his life ever since, starting from the attention to the objects that he puts at home (often in wood), to the long walks in the woods where the landscape is breathtaking, the noise of steps tell the story of the kind of path followed on and the scent of nature fills the nostrils and lungs with a unique feeling of well-being.

For Paolo, the choice of wood is a true philosophy of life that does not fade with the passing of time, rather the more he is in contact with wood, the more he cannot help but love it.

In this material, he interprets the life of the tree and in every object, he finds the story of who turned a simple piece of wood into a concentration of ideas, mastery, passion.



Chiara grew up in a house that smelled of wood and uniqueness, so she developed some passions: wood, design, but above all the desire to see products made specially for those who want them.

For her, craftsmanship is art and when she sees artisans folding material to their liking, transforming it into a beautiful object, she cannot help but feel excited.

For Chiara, the combination of artisan skill, design and wood leads to the realization of a unique object; for her, its uniqueness is given by the natural grain of wood and the artisan's ability to enhance this wonderful material, transforming ideas into objects.

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