Il lusso secondo IWoodS

Design, for us at IWoodS could be summed up in a few simple words: designing an object that aims to summarize functionality and aesthetics.

In fact, the issue is much more complex. The word design recalls industrial production in series. Many, designers and others, still interpret it like this, despite the word design has been widespread for decades in very different contexts from the industrial one. However, we do not believe that a design object must necessarily be manufactured by an industrial company.

In fact, we believe that design should refer not to the manufacturer of the object, but to the way it has been created in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Thus, a design object can be manufactured by an industrial company or the maniacal care of an artisan. We at IWoodS offer design objects made by Italian wood artisans.

What we want to propose has behind something that not all objects have. It must be able to fully satisfy the functions for which it was designed, but this is not all. Its design must also express a style that can satisfy the immaterial needs of a well-defined group of people.

We are also convinced that design is not just inventing something new, but also improving something existing. In fact, it is not possible to invent a chair or lamp, but they can be created so that their function is better than those that have been realized before or that their aesthetics, without renouncing functionality, express a personal style.

A design object chosen by IWoodS has to materialize an idea through an accurate project, excellent materials and countless tests and error corrections. Refining the idea during the realization of the object is part of the inevitable path to a good design product.

In short, we recognize the thought of Walter Gropius, one of the most important founders of the Bauhaus (1919) and design fathers.

We would like the best design to be achieved in a relationship between craftsmanship and art, since as such, these two ways of giving shape to matter are not a clear boundary, except for the fact that an artist is only a craftsman at a higher level.

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