Il lusso secondo IWoodS

Made in Italy literally means "manufactured in Italy".

"Made in Italy" is a trademark of origin, that is, an indication on the product and/or the packaging, which attributes the origin of the good to Italy. The purpose is to allow consumers to choose consciously between Italian and non-Italian goods.

At IWoodS, this literal definition is a bit narrow, because it has long been interpreted in very "elastically" by some entrepreneurs, and because we want to propose objects that are the result of 100% Italian cooperation between culture, art, territory, design and manufacturing skills.

This calibrated set of Italians adds value to each IWoodS object and characterizes it, distinguishing it from those made in other parts of the world. For us, offering products created, made and packaged in Italy is a mission and, at the same time, a competitive advantage we are particularly focused on.

That is why in the IWoodS website, we share the story of artisans and show their face, we provide information on the geographic area where each object was created and we include photographs of the landscape and/or some of the works of art of the area. Landscapes and works of art that are every day under the eyes of the designer and artisan and that have certainly influenced their thoughts, design skills and care in creating. Landscapes and works of art that knowing how to look are also found in the objects we propose.

We care about the consistency of our mission so much that even the packaging in which products are packed and shipped are designed and made entirely in Italy.

We believe that some Italian wood handicrafts, even because Made in Italy from every point of view, can find a place in all the most beautiful houses in the world.

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