Il lusso secondo IWoodS

It is clear that Luxury is not something that is easy to define. However, among the many ways of interpreting luxury, we have made a simple choice. For us today, luxury is no longer the mere ostentation of wealth. Exhibitionism does not belong to us. We do not think of luxury as a way to show others social status. As luxury, we want to propose moments and objects that, in a discreet way, can enhance personal pleasure. That is why the line we follow is the one of who, first and foremost, wants to treat themselves good, looking for objects that can express a message especially of good taste and ability to choice.

Franca Sozzani, director of Vogue Italy who recently passed away, claims that craftsmanship is a luxury. A product is luxurious when designed and hand-made, custom-made and for a few. Luxury should be interpreted as synonymous with exclusivity, research, experimentation, purity, class, and discretion in wealth.

We at IWoodS have chosen to propose wooden artisan products via web. They will inevitably be only for a few, even because some artisans will not allow us to make hundreds and hundreds of products per year. They will necessarily be elaborate, otherwise we will not choose them. They will have the mastery of those who have realized them and the sensitivity of those who have designed them. They will be the result of Italian culture and, very often, local culture about what is beautiful and functional. They will require patience, as in many cases they will be specially crafted by the artisan for those who order them.

We want to promote discreet luxury, a luxury that is expression of taste and privacy. A luxury that expresses all the charm of wood, the mastery of the artisan, Italian culture for beauty. Discreet luxury is not in a hurry, since the first element that characterizes it is the availability of time to do accurate research and make a well-thought out choice. Then, there will be a wait for the entire time the artisan will take to select the wood, work it and finish it carefully. When ready, we will check it in every detail, we will package it and finally send it to the person who wanted it to be part of his/her life or a gift to a precious person.

This is luxury for us: time, craftsmanship, beauty, culture and sensitivity enough to see all this enclosed in a wooden object.

limited edition