Storia artigiani


Antonello, curious eyes and enterprising character, in the morning, he drinks coffee in the acacia wood cup he himself made and feels that at that moment, he and the cup have a moment of common life that has been happily repeated for years.
Antonello's travels to Japan have played a key role in his stylistic and life choices as craftsmanship is a true art form for the Japanese. In fact, a handmade wooden spoon is not considered a simple tool, but an object that by its simple presence in our hands improves our lives. From here, Antonello has developed a thought of which he is firmly convinced: craftsmanship is not only necessary to create useful objects, but to create objects that make us feel good, capable of lifting the hidden levers of our emotions.

He started his career as an artisan because he loves to see his hands shape matter. As a child, he began with clay and then went on to goldsmith's work and evolved into bronze, but then love was born for wood.
He loves this matter because it rarely does what it is asked; it is a stubborn and unreasonable material that he feels resembles him.
After years of craftsmanship and research into forms, he is still investigating the characteristics of this material and still deeply astonished when he discovers the texture of an essence he was unaware of.

Anne e Fulvio


This product was created by Anna and Fulvio in an artisan workshop in Umbria, near Assisi. Father and daughter who combined their knowledge and ability to give life to design objects through craftsmanship.

Fulvio, cheery eyes full of passion, every day he kisses his three lemon trees that he keeps in his workshop, to make them grow lush and rich in fruit.
He always carries within himself the love of wood and listening to the call of this sentiment, at fourteen, he decides to devote his life to craftsmanship.
He joined the shop of a woodworker in Via Pinturicchio in Perugia to learn the trade and refine technique by attending a course that allowed him to learn design and improve the various techniques of woodworking.
Although several years have passed since he first entered a shop, today when he enters his workshop in the morning, he cannot help but breathe the smell of wood in his lungs, that smell that characterizes the matter he is in love with.

Anna, creative with a sweet smile, every morning, she goes to the shop by bicycle, whether it is cold or hot.
She spent most of her summers amongst the smells and sounds of carpentry, where she also preferred to study. She graduated from the Institute of Design in Perugia, where she now teaches, and already when she designed objects amongst the school benches, she designed them made of wood.
Growing up amongst the shavings of the shop, she could not help but fall in love with wood and craftsmanship, so for four years, she has made solid wood design objects along with her father.

Riccardo e Gaspare


Riccardo and Gaspare are father and son; they are in love with their Sicily and for three generations passionately carry on the local artisan tradition.

Gaspare, an expansive and attentive man, in the 70s he put to good use his master craftsman skills acquired and handed down by his father Antonio, who founded the joinery in the 1930s. He extended the craftsmanship by beginning to work with the sacred furnishings and for his ability to succeed throughout Italy. Even today, when he designs classic furniture, he starts out from the study and observes what his father did, but then makes structural and technical improvements that make his present and unique products.

Riccardo, a man full of desire for progress, as a child lives the carpentry, grasping her perfumes, colors and technique. So, when he growing up, understands that he will be the third generation who will carry on the project born of his grandfather. With Riccardo the culture of art and beauty is reinvigorated, as he begins to see in design a potential that can give further value to production. He began to collaborate with Sicilian designers, with whom he plans to design furniture and objects that can express in harmony, design, craftsmanship and culture.



Tonio is an artisan capable of fully representing the resourcefulness and mastery of those who live in his land: Apulia.

He started working with coping saw at the age of 12 and has not stopped ever since. He acquired experience with a carpenter and his father's body shop. He learned to work wood with various techniques, but also aluminium and corian. He knows how to combine wood with glass and Lecce stone. He studies the electric circuits of his light sculptures in detail. He has learned to carefully design the objects he proposes to give them a line and character, bringing his craftsmanship closer to that indefinite limit that lies between art and design.

He exhibits his objects with his wife, Melinda, a professional painter. Together, they have chosen to share their atelier with a glass artist, creating a space full of poetry and charm.

Not only the artisan mastery in woodworking and other materials is recognized in Tonio's objects. The idea of ​​a design is recognized. A thought that combines the charm of form, the beauty of materials, soft combinations of colors and the practical functionality of each object.

In short, Tonio's objects work. A table knows how to be a table well, like a piece of furniture or a chair can play their role. However, at the same time, they are objects with an elegant, discreet personality, capable of adding character to a room and expressing the best of those who choose them.

limited edition