Manifesto - Paolo e Chiara

IWoodS was set up with the aim to propose elaborate design objects in terms of finish, rich in character, ideas and stories.

We believe that the beauty of Italian design and wood craftsmanship can find place in the most beautiful houses in the world. The quality and charm of the story of every IWoodS object are made to remain over time and give character to a style. IWoodS is the acronym of Italian Wood Stories because we do not just want to sell, we want to tell stories about craftsmanship, wood, passion and ideas.

The purpose of IWoodS is to make it available all over the world, design objects produced by Italian wood craftsmen, without losing the authenticity of the workshops where they are made.

We want to share the story of every product to transport people inside the workshops where the product comes to life, thus making wood objects capable of giving unique, contagious, and always new feelings and sensations.

Why wood?
Because it is a natural and ecological material, because it is living matter that is transforms and accumulates stories on its surface, because it is able to stimulate all 5 senses, starting from the fragrances it emits and up to the creaking of the axes.

We want to overcome industrial consumerism and instead be projected to the care of the home and the objects that can add character, thus making it real and more and more personal.

Wooden items proposed by IWoodS are not products for consumerists. Speed ​​in delivery or low price are not our common thread and could not be. In fact, artisan production is custom-made and takes time, as each object will be specially designed for each customer. The numerically limited production, the care and the skill required of every piece, does not allow popular prices.

Only lovers of wood and artisan pieces know how to always look at them with new eyes, and if they see them get older, they still love them, rather they love them more, because they carry the signs of the story of both: object and owner.

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